Need to file an SR22 Form?

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What is an SR22 form?

sr22 form

It is not an insurance policy, it is a certificate filed by car insurance companies with the State Department of Motor Vehicles. It provides proof of current minimum liability car insurance. If the policy cancels, the company will issue another form called an SR26 that provides proof to the DMV the policy canceled or lapsed.

How long I am required to file it?

Sr22 form filing periods are similar and vary between states. If you are required to file one, it will usually be for a period between 1 to 3 years. Contact you state DMV for more information and to find out exactly.
Visit our state insurance page for links to state specific SR22 information.
How much will my car insurance cost?
A driving under the influence conviction will raise insurance premiums more than a no insurance ticket.
The companies charge a small fee to file it, but your cost for the auto insurance is based on your driving record.
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