How much will my car insurance cost with an SR22 Form Filing?

• The SR22 form will cost you a filing fee, of about $25-$50.
• The reason for SR22 could impact you car insurance premium.
• If an SR22 is needed for driving with no car insurance, it will not affect
your insurance rates, as much as a DUI.
• Your state DMV could charge a reinstatement fee in addition to the SR22
form filing fee.

Can I file an SR22 form if I don’t own a car?

• Yes, you will need to purchase a non-owners liability insurance policy
with an SR22.

What if my insurance policy cancels?

• The insurance company is required to send the state DMV notice that your policy canceled, the form is called an SR26. If the SR22 is still required to keep your license from being suspended, the state will suspended your license.

What is a Non Owners insurance policy?

• It is a liability only car insurance policy for persons who are required
to carry an SR22 filing, but do not own a car.

What is an SR22 form?

• An SR22 form lets the state know you have car insurance.
An SR22 is required to provide financial responsibility for drivers who have had incidents on their driving record. Common reasons for the filing include DUI, DWI, driving with no insurance tickets or an accident without insurance. The SR22 filing is required to reinstate a driver license or to keep your license from being suspended.

How do I file an SR22 form?

• Ask your current car insurance company if they can file an SR22 form. If they cannot file an SR22 form, start getting SR22 insurance quotes.

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